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Making Tax Digital - What you need to know

If you’re a business owner you have most likely heard those three words thrown around more and more – Making Tax Digital. But what does it mean for you and your business? In 2014, Conservative MP and Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Gaulke announced plans to eliminate unnecessary time delays when reporting to HMRC. The intentions is to put an ‘end to the tax return’ and implement a fully digital tax system. What this means for business owners and the self employed is that if you currently rely on manual bookkeeping, you’ll be in for some big changes. You’ll be expected to move your bookkeeping onto cloud accounting software and submit your tax information quarterly via the accounting sy

Emma Reid & Cathy Donald, Ergo Law

Ergo Law is a niche law firm specialising in employment law. We launched in January 2016 and provide specialist advice to businesses and employees on employment law and workplace issues. We spend time getting to know our client’s story and our advice extends beyond the technical application of the law to help employers and employees make decisions that are right for them. We are listeners, translators, counsellors and lawyers. Since December 2015, the legal profession has had more female than male solicitors but like many other industries, this is not reflected in gender parity at the most senior levels in the profession. We had worked together for several years and decided that 2016 was the

Geraldine Jolliffe

I started painting when I was 50 years old I bought a watercolour set and went to the library to get books on painting. Then I was introduced to an art class, for 3 years I attended a class where you put 50p in the class and I learned to do landscapes and animals. I started making greetings cards from my paintings and a friend of mine said her mother had a small grocery shop and the shop owner bought some of my cards and told me to go and get other places to try and sell my cards for me. I also make silver plated jewellery and have had craft fairs over the years. Sometimes I make very little but I still plug away. I am 64 years old and I do have several small outlets that sell my goods. V

The untapped potential of millennial farmers

I’m recently back at our farm in Midlothian after a really enlightening trip to the Houses of Parliament, where I was invited to attend a recent event looking at the untapped potential of millennial farmers During the event, The Royal Bank of Scotland launched a new report , Harvesting the Future for Young Farmers, revealing how crucial millennials are to Scotland’s farming future and what support these young farmers need to helped to diversify their traditional farming businesses and create sustainable, profitable new income streams. As an example of a successful on-farm diversification, I was invited to have a display of our Supernature Oils range and to be a speaker at the event, outlinin

Participate in research survey into gender business development support

WES has been commissioned by the Scottish Government to carry out research into enterprise support for women led businesses in Scotland, with a focus on best practice in tackling the gender gap which currently exists in enterprise. While women represent 51% of the Scottish population just 20% of all businesses are majority owned by women. The research is a joint initiative involving Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Business Gateway and the Scottish Government. As part of the research, we are conducting a survey of women-owned businesses in Scotland and would appreciate your time to complete it. If you are a woman in Scotland with your own business, please complete the

How to Survive in Business for 21 Years

As the business owner of Me-Time Therapies, I went into self employment with no idea on how to run a business. Twenty one years later, I am still running my own business doing Complementary Therapies and have expanded the business to teaching short courses in Complementary Therapies. In 1996, there was no organisation like WES that would help inspire and support me in the early stages of my business. Complementary Therapies back then was also a new career path. There were very few therapists around to get support from. Looking back it was a risky career choice and with faced with negativity and lack of support; I had to find the determination, persistence and sheer obstinacy to trust my own

WES Ambassador Lynn Mann speaks at Parliamentary launch of farming report

The Royal Bank of Scotland – a key partner of Women’s Enterprise Scotland – has released a new report revealing that millennial farmers are facing serious, unnecessary challenges impacting the entire industry. The number of young people entering the sector continues to fall and those already in the sector can’t grow and diversify their farms. The report calls for a more joined-up, cross government, farming sector and finance framework to ensure this economic potential doesn’t remain untapped. Working with an independent economic analyst, the report - Harvesting the future for young farmers - is based on a landmark study of over 500 young and potential new entrant farmers in Britain, combine

ASB Well-being Weekend

Book now for the ASB 2017 Well-being Weekend! Friday 17th - Sunday 19th March 2017 Seamill Hydro, North Ayrshire Join us at the Seamill Hydro on the beautiful north Ayrshire coast for a weekend of fun, relaxation and re-balancing your life, with an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded individuals. We’ve planned a full programme of talks, demonstrations, workshops and activities, indoors and out, where you can learn how to create your recipe for an authentic you! You’ll leave refreshed and re-energised, ready to take on your world! Our ASB weekends are a fantastic way to meet other members whilst enjoying many attractions the local area has to offer. BOOK NOW Programme Fr

BBC Academy - Apply for Expert Women 2017

The BBC are looking for female experts who'd like to appear on air as contributors to BBC programmes. They are aiming to provide an introduction to the media, including practical experiences in front of a camera and in a radio studio, as well as masterclasses with industry professionals including experienced programme makers. They are looking for experts in areas including business and technology. Read more about who the BBC are looking for here and let us know how you get on!

Marina Jamieson, Ravelston Clark

Marina established Ravelston Clark in January 2017 - from her dining table! - to provide professional home based, flexible working opportunities – ideal for parents and those looking for more balance. These roles are in short supply, which can result in highly talented people having to take roles they do not enjoy just to fit in with their personal commitments. Why shouldn’t we be able to have a great career and balance? Initally the roles on offer are commission only but as the business grows, salaried roles will be created to ensure more people have access to flexible working. The cornerstone of the RC ethos is flexibility and allowing people to play to their strengths. The Senior Recruitm

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