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'What Jennifer Lawrence’s naked shots tell us about why we need more women in tech'

Unless you’ve spent the last five years or so living under a rock , you’d be hard pressed to not know that pictures of dozens of female celebrities have been leaked by hackers accessing personal photographs stored on Apple’s iCloud. This has given rise to well-covered questions about the security of cloud technology. For us at inclusIQ, this debacle also illustrates the sexist and threatening nature of these hacks and even the dearth of women coders. As Hadley Freeman points out in in her article in The Guardian: ‘The Naked Celebrity Hack: An Outstanding Example of Sexism’:,"the point of these pictures isn’t to give anyone sexual pleasure. Many of these actresses in the latest leak have pose

I wish we could all be Californian girls...

Or, to put it another way, why we can no longer avoid that difficult conversation about gender. (You can listen to an audio version of this blog right here..) I admit I’m no tech-expert or geek and maybe you feel the same way, but even the most IT averse person checking out social media feeds and news reports over the past few weeks couldn’t have failed to notice the blizzard of revelations about sexism emanating from (happy) Silicon Valley. Each day, more hair raising tales of ordinary sexism emerge and there’s either a collective shrug or a grimace. Do we get angry or let it pass? Perhaps we’ve reached a tipping point and things might be about to change? The latest revelations from Cal


We were delighted to host the prestigious South-East Europe Women’s Business Angel Network (SEEWBAN) at a two-day event in Edinburgh, looking at how to improve access to finance for women-led businesses. WES - the not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) which focuses on the contribution women's enterprise makes to the Scottish economy - has been appointed to the project as the expert organisation in women’s enterprise and access to finance. The WES team will share their financial and gender expertise and work in collaboration with women’s business associations from across Europe to grow the numbers of female business angels and mixed gender business angel consortia which invest in wo

The Self-Organising Self-Employed

The RSA and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) have produced this report looking at successful examples of self-organising among the self-employed. The report highlights various initiatives including cash-pooling schemes; micro finance initiatives; sick pay funds and time share agreements, and how these ‘bottom-up’ initiatives are being looked at by many as a means to improve the lives of the self-employed. One example being developed in the UK is the idea of a ‘Bread Fund’ which has come from an idea by a small group of Dutch freelancers who have created their own collective sick pay fund. This Broodfonds, or ‘Bread Fund’ as it is known in English, worked on the basis that members wo

Lose your business fears, love the rewards…

When you’re head down running your business, getting an award is the last thing on your mind but when it comes your way, it is hugely gratifying. My name is Christy Hyslop and I launched Lose It and Love It, based in Kilmacolm, in early 2016. My mission is to help clients lose weight and feel fabulous by nourishing their bodies with wholesome foods, making lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle in the process. Lose It and Love It takes an innovative approach to weight loss and nutrition, providing online and one-to-one coaching to clients locally and internationally. With the business being so young, you can just imagine how thrilled I was then to win the ‘Most Promising New Business’ a

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