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A new view on a new year...

When a new year begins, I usually make a list of full of goals, aims and resolutions striving to get further than ever before. 2018 was a year of challenges and hurdles which made me take stock and take a different perspective. This year, I would like to introduce you to my creative world, from the processes that I use or that I am learning about to innovate new designs, to the work that I do as a art lecturer and the importance I feel that art and design thinking has in the world we live in as we face changes up ahead. And I am also excited to introduce you to fellow creators who inspire me on a daily basis with their work. What happens at the studio As a surface print designer, my job i

A Startup Founder’s View on Building and Joining a Board

I’m a startup founder, now on my 5th company. I have sat on boards as both an executive (as in I work in the business as an employee) and as a non-executive director (NXD) who is not employed by the organisation. I’d like to share a few thoughts on what I wish I’d known when I was building my own board, and some things you may want to think about as you consider joining a board for the first time. I’d like to start with a few real-life decisions I have had to make over the years as part of a board. All these decisions were made in my first 3 months of service as a non-executive director, when I’d had fewer than 24 hours on the job: I’ve fired two CEOs (different boards, but it’s a bit of a p

Don't be taxed by tax

Tax isn't the first thing most business owners think about in a positive way. However, when it comes to R&D, investment and growth, tax might be just what you need to be thinking about. Or more specifically, tax relief. That's because R&D tax relief is crucial to securing future investment and with Scottish companies spending more than ever on R&D, it's an opportunity that should not be overlooked. Catax has been helping clients secure tax relief for over 10 years and has identified over £204m in tax benefit for our clients to date. We are dedicated to educating businesses about the tax reliefs available to them to help in future investment in the UK economy. The three tax reliefs we deal w

First Women’s Leadership Programme Launches for Inverclyde Business Owners

Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) has teamed up with Riverside Inverclyde (Ri) to run the first women’s leadership programme of its kind in the region. The six month programme – led by WES – launches on 27 February and consists of four workshops spread out between February and August 2019, interspersed with online content and support. It is aimed at women business owners and entrepreneurs in Inverclyde who are looking to develop their capabilities and lead their businesses through growth to become sustainable organisations. It is also aimed at female home-based business owners looking to improve their confidence and progress their businesses to the next level. Carolyn Currie, Chief Executive

Tech and the workforce of the future

eCom Scotland MD and WES Ambassador Wendy Edie, recently presented at the Digital Women Conference in Edinburgh. Here is an excerpt from her speech.. In 5 years’ time, my daughter will be 17 and by 2022, she will be the ‘workforce of the future,’ so what will her expectations be for developing her employability skills and preparing her for new types of work environment? Will an online onboarding programme be the norm? Will she need to attend a working environment, or will she visit within a virtual environment? Will she ever need to ‘clock in’? as her wearable technology will probably track her every move, not just her steps. Even now, the new Apple Watch Series 4 can tell if you fall over

WES Launches Ambassador Recruitment Campaign

Women's Enterprise Scotland is looking for women who run their own businesses to join our prestigious WES role model Ambassador team. Our Ambassadors help inspire and encourage other women to shape ideas, start up and grow their own business. Ambassadors are passionate about helping other women in business and make a time commitment to Ambassador duties (including attending two training days and representing the women's business community at four events per year either locally or nationally). Duties can vary from attending local networking events to speaking at events or in the media, writing a blog post or providing mentoring support. Training will be given on topics such as: The current po

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