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Lisa Thomson: Back to Babson – A Fellow’s reflection…

I have been so lucky and privileged in May this year to have had the chance to return to Babson College in Boston via Entrepreneurial Scotland and to refresh my learning, further building on the Saltire Fellowship journey I first embarked on back in 2014. Whilst there were so many reminders and familiar faces (hello Les, Tim, Anirudh, Jay and Karen!), places and touch points during my trip back, it was also a very refreshingly different and hugely beneficial exercise and investment now at this new stage of my business and personal development, for reasons I will expand on below. When I first had the chance to attend Babson in 2014 for 4 months (followed by a week in San Francisco and a week


Women’s Enterprise Scotland, the community interest company which focuses on the contribution women's enterprise makes to the Scottish economy, has welcomed the commitments to progress women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship made by the G20 leaders at the recent summit in Osaka, Japan. Leaders of the most powerful 20 countries in the world met at the end of June in Osaka for their most important meeting since the summit was first convened to respond to the global financial crisis. The summit produced the following declaration: “Gender equality and women’s empowerment are essential for achieving sustainable and inclusive economic growth. We reconfirm their importance in all aspects of our po

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