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The 'a-ha moment' that led to Healthy Nibbles...

I am committed to the goal of enabling healthier choices and providing an opportunity for people to make a positive lifestyle choice by building a business with strong foundations, robust principles and recruiting a team of skilled people who have similar goals and ambitions. But how did I get here? There were actually two 'a-ha moments' that led me to developing the Healthy Nibbles brand, both very personal and different. The first was several years ago. It was 3am and I was sat at the bedside of my terminally ill father Feeling hungry, I trundled off to the nearest vending machine to see what I could find and it was full of the usual culprits. Family-sized bags of sweets, crisps, none of


WOMEN BUSINESS LEADERS from across Scotland have been recognised at last night’s Women’s Enterprise Scotland Awards 2019. Run in association with Scotland’s leading business publication, Scottish Business Insider, the glittering Awards ceremony took place at Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel, with established and emerging business leaders being celebrated in ten categories. In notable highlights, Coatbridge based Lynn Laughland of HRM Homecare took the coveted Leader 2019 Award whilst Matugga Distillers was named Start-up of the Year. Sara Roberts of Healthy Nibbles took the award for Emerging Business Leader 2019 and Amanda Pickford of Kelso based Thermafy was named Innovator of the Year. Keyno

Travel with a purpose

Just the word adventure makes me tingle…I love the anticipation, the planning, the journeys, the new-ness of different worlds and the experiences that you know you couldn’t quite be prepared for. It is the not knowing what to expect that sometimes makes the adventure and I still feel like that every time I step off the plane in Africa. My name is Kate Webb and I am the co-founder of Orbis Expeditions - a UK and Malawi based travel company that aims to push the boundaries of conventional travel and create bespoke expeditions for people wishing to travel with a purpose and get that tingle that only adventure to unknown territories can bring. My job is to put together and run adventures that of

The LoveRose Story..

Hello! I'm Caroline, founder of LoveRose lingerie. While many of you may already know my story, I wanted to take some time to talk about the journey I've been on. I hope that this will encourage others to share their stories and join the community we're creating here at LoveRose. Photography of Caroline Alexander by Susan Torkington I'm Irish but have lived in Scotland for almost 30 years. I studied fashion design and worked in retail before returning to uni to study sculpture. In 2006 I set up and was lucky enough to be the director of a contemporary gallery for emerging artists in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, life threw some curveballs and stress caused me to become very ill. I got Bell’s Pal

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