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Three key players within research-led community interest company Women’s Enterprise Scotland have launched a Crowdfunder campaign for a new range of alcohol-free drinks in a bid to fund projects which support women in business. WES Chair Lynne Cadenhead, alongside Chief Executive Carolyn Currie and Communications Manager Gaynor Simpson, have created a new venture, Immaculate Drinks, and are currently working with The Royal Bank of Scotland ‘Back Her Business’ and Crowdfunder UK to raise £10,000 seed funding by the end of this month. WES Chair Lynne Cadenhead said; “ImmaculateTM bridges two huge gaps in the market. One is the need for a premium, botanical, low sugar, alcohol-free drink. A wel

Where’s the F in Leadership?

Her anger pierced through me as she absolutely disagreed with what I was teaching. The angry flames flickered throughout the group as we agreed to disagree and go our separate ways. This experience ignited a spark, one that had been dormant for a long time. I just knew I had to dive deeper into the exploration that is the feminine in leadership. Sweeping the kitchen floor a few months later, a sentence dropped into my head. A Cinderella moment indeed! I placed my broom to one side, grabbed a pen and wrote down this question: Where’s the F in Leadership? The missing pieces of the leadership puzzle began clicking into place. As humans, we’re energetically comprised of masculine and feminine

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