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Have you got the EDGE?

Over the last two years of Scottish EDGE, during which just over £4m has been awarded to Startup businesses throughout Scotland, I’m encouraged to note that almost £2m of that funding was awarded to female-led businesses. Whilst the application numbers from female businesses to the EDGE competition stands at an average of 30% per round, the amount being taken away by female businesses outperforms this at 34%. Whilst there is a degree of reassurance in the knowledge that there is equality of opportunity for women coming into the competition and we’re proud of the amazing women we have supported, how do we ensure equality of access? Why are we still seeing significantly more men entering the


Immaculate ,the premium, botanical, low sugar, alcohol-free adult drink being developed by the team at Women’s Enterprise Scotland, is being trialled exclusively at La Bonne Auberge in Glasgow following a successful Crowdfunder campaign. Initially available as a 250ml pre-mix, Immaculate is being piloted in January and February whilst the team prepare for an official product launch in the spring. It offers all the taste of a classic and zingy G&T but without the alcohol and was developed in conjunction with distiller, Hamish Martin of The Secret Herb Garden in Edinburgh. Immaculate delivers a zesty, sophisticated non-alcoholic grown-up drink, using six fragrant botanicals, including juniper,

The five questions you should consider when searching for a venue for event...

Choosing the most suitable venue to host your event is never easy and every event planner needs a clear vision and firm plan in place from the get go. Emma Little, Founder and CEO of ExecSpace, one of the UK’s leading venue finding agencies has outlined a number of questions that event planners need to ask themselves before choosing the perfect venue for their occasion: How many? Although in the planning stages you won’t have an exact attendee list confirmed, as the event organiser, it’s your responsibility to have a firm handle on the optimal number of guests. Having an approximate figure at the back of your mind will mean that you are able to search for a venue according to capacity and sp

The power of networking..

I am not very good writing about my “accomplishments” as I always think that others have achieved more or that what I think are accomplishments really are just what most people would consider standard practice. That may have a lot to do with imposter syndrome and I think most of us suffer from this in some form or another but where I think I’m lucky is… I love networking, I love meeting new people and although this might sound strange, I don’t like going to events with people I know, I would far prefer to go on my own, putting myself out of the comfort zone, so that I have to talk to people I don’t know! In 2018, I was at an event and happened to speak with someone from Microsoft and was so

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