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Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) has warned of a ‘pensions time bomb’ amongst the nation’s women business leaders. A survey of women-owned and women-led businesses in Scotland conducted by WES revealed that 60% were not paying into a pension and 40% of those not paying had no pension provision at all. The lack of pension provision was greatest for women operating as sole traders, with 46% having made no provision for a pension at all, which is higher than the 35% of the whole adult population who say they don’t have a pension[1]. The pay figures from the WES survey showed that 53% of respondents were paying themselves a salary of £15,000 or less and 12% were getting a salary of £30,000 or l

"It takes a village to raise a start-up.."

Looking back over the last five years, it is hard to believe how far FINDRA has come since those early days at my kitchen table. In some ways, it feels like yesterday that I started this crazy journey, and in others it feels like a lifetime! There have been ups and downs, incredible highs and horrendous lows - a true rollercoaster ride - but no matter what each day brings, I have always believed in FINDRA and our aim to design sustainable, innovative, stylish, activewear, versatile outdoor clothing that will help more people enjoy spending time outdoors. There is no doubt that reaching this five-year milestone is quite an achievement, especially given the statistics around start-ups and fail

Looking back to look forward

One of the habits that is now hardwired into my life and my business is taking time out to reflect. My natural tendency is to ‘do do do’ and not to reflect but it’s a skill I’ve forced myself to learn and love over the years and something that I now really enjoy and benefited from massively. In fact, I love taking time out to think back on each month and recognise what happened, what I accomplished and what we experienced as a family. I am always blown away by how many gifts the year provides us with - even in the hard times, there are so often little nuggets of wisdom or lessons that have developed a deeper significance as time has progressed. This process of reflection helps me to notice a

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