Jane Wilkinson, Special Branch Baskets

My name is Jane Wilkinson. I was originally drawn to working with willow out of a love for trees and woodlands and also from a desire to do something sustainable. Basketry was the perfect solution. I now grow and harvest an increasing proportion of my own willow, and then have the pleasure of weaving it into a basket or sculptural piece.

I have been weaving for 17 years and am constantly learning new techniques which have been used to make a range of traditional baskets. During this time I have travelled in Scotland, Ireland, England, and New Zealand, where I have worked with the local crafts people and discovered a great diversity of style and approach.

In my current work I feel challenged to preserve, continue and develop the traditional techniques which I have mastered, whilst being inspired to incorporate them into new and innovative designs.

I often work on community art projects, which draw on the inspirations, skills and input of local residents, school children and other community groups.

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