Mairi Damer, WORD UP Communications

Mairi is founder and proud owner of Glasgow-based WORD UP Communications, a successful small business providing creative communications support to clients when they’re stuck for words, or are struggling to find ways to tell their own stories. At WORD UP, we really help our clients, because we’re all about words - whether that’s written, spoken, online or on-air words.

Mairi’s own comms CV is compiled from 15 years as a BBC radio producer, and a further 8 at the coalface of community recreation. She learned loads about the importance of confident communication and storytelling in both environments, but Mairi’s a trained photographer and ex punk rocker too, a combo which plays a big part in her alternative approach to the world of words.

Mairi just loves helping her clients find the right things to say and the right way to say them. WORD UP gets to the very core of what our clients want to say about themselves, their organisation or business, then we help them shout it from the rooftops! We do that with our well wicked writing skills, our tailored broadcast and media training sessions, the development of cracking communications strategies, and through a range of hugely popular and super-effective confident communications training workshops.

Our client list includes Women’s Enterprise Scotland, Shelter Scotland, SCVO, Early Years Scotland, the Federation of Small Businesses, The Scottish College for Educational Leadership, the Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland, and numerous small businesses.

Mairi has worked with Women’s Enterprise Scotland to develop our Ambassadors’ stories. Read more here.

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