Kim Sibbald, Hula Honeys

Kim Sibbald retrained in Personal Training in 2010. She had recently separated from her children’s father and was a single parent to a 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. She was working part time as an office manager but the hours were difficult and childcare was challenging. Exercise was her saviour, helping her to feel strong inside and out through a really difficult time.

Whilst this period of her life was tough and stressful, it also provided an opportunity to explore what would be right for her and her family. Not long after she qualified as a Personal Trainer, she went on a fitness weekender where she tried her first ever Hula Hoop class! Kim found it so much fun and so inclusive that she decided to bring the classes to her community in Woodingdean, Brighton.Kim set up a local class and approached the university and council. Before she knew it, she had several classes teaching young and old alike!

Her personal training client base began to grow and she felt more in control of her working week. Every year, she took a new fitness qualification. This built her confidence and increased her repertoire of skills and classes.In 2012, Kim moved to Edinburgh and it is here that her businesses have gained their identity. The fitness business - Maxsafit - consists of personal training, community classes and classes at the Scottish Government. Hula Honeys has developed into more of an entertainment business, offering Hula Hen Parties, Kids Parties and performances. Hula Honeys has taken Kim to schools, castles and to workplaces for team building. The opportunities have been so varied.What Kim loves most about her job is that she works with so many people. She loves to make people feel better, happier and stronger. Kim particularly loves working in the community as part of youth schemes or with adults with additional needs. This is incredibly rewarding. The variety keeps Kim motivated and inspired. Having control over her working week means she can still do the school runs and clubs and have quality time with her children. Her biggest challenge is keeping that balance right and learning how to switch off from work. The working day is also very physical so she has to be mindful to get enough rest. Hula Honeys A hula hoop entertainment business, leading hula hoop hen parties, children's parties, workshops, community classes, performances and events.

MaxsaFit A fitness business, leading PT sessions and fitness classes over the city.

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