Marina Jamieson, Ravelston Clark

Marina established Ravelston Clark in January 2017 - from her dining table! - to provide professional home based, flexible working opportunities – ideal for parents and those looking for more balance. These roles are in short supply, which can result in highly talented people having to take roles they do not enjoy just to fit in with their personal commitments. Why shouldn’t we be able to have a great career and balance?

Initally the roles on offer are commission only but as the business grows, salaried roles will be created to ensure more people have access to flexible working.

The cornerstone of the RC ethos is flexibility and allowing people to play to their strengths. The Senior Recruitment Consultants specialise in the sectors they know and enjoy, a huge benefit to their clients and candidates.

Marina offers a specialist SME resource service including: role design, resource forecasts, recruitment strategy, FTE reduction and flexible working consultancy.

Visit Marina's website here:

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