New report out from Engender – Sex and Power in Scotland, 2017

This report sets out the position of women and men’s representation in positions of authority and influence in Scotland. It highlights that in 2017, women still have unequal access to power, decision-making and participation throughout all areas of public life. In the report, Engender state that this undermines gender equality in two key ways 1) women are not able to participate fully in society and to exercise equal citizenship when they do not have the same access to opportunities, and 2) women and men experience life differently as a result of cultural gender roles and inequality, and therefore there is a need for diverse perspectives to be heard in the public and private sector bodies that impact on all of our lives. This report identifies 3029 positions of power in Scotland across political institutions, public sector, media and cultural bodies, and corporate world. The statistics set out represent a snapshot of the position of women and men across all of these domains, and cast a spotlight on particular areas that are suffering from a severe lack of diversity.

Download the report here.

Find out more about Engender here.

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