Institute of Directors 99 – the IoD’s exclusive entrepreneur group – open to all ages

The IoD stands for leadership, and understands the fact that leaders come in many different guises these days. Gone is the age when business leaders all fell into a roughly similar demographic.

In the modern era of build-your-own, many are choosing the entrepreneurial route into business, and in recognition of this, and the challenges that leaders of start-up businesses face, IoD 99 was created. Since inception it has encouraged a different, often younger, demographic into the IoD

– creating the foundation for tomorrow’s membership of Scotland’s top business leaders.

Over five years, the 99-ers take a journey from entry level (costing £99) up to full membership, and

along the way benefit from the 99-ers network, IoD support and events which will help their businesses thrive.

Statistically, a great deal of start-up businesses will fail. Often with smaller networks and less experience of the core leadership functions (finance, HR, investor / stakeholder management, growth strategy, marketing, etc) the research, and the 99-ers themselves, have identified a need for additional support at the early stages.

The network was originally launched to founders aged 40 or under with the aim to help reduce the startup failure rate, which was higher for those founders under the age of 40. However, feedback from the community itself as well as from internal stakeholders across the regions have shown there is a real opportunity for the IoD 99 to be there to support all early stage Founders regardless of their age. As such we are piloting the complete removal of the age cap until the 31 October for the IoD 99. We want to do all we can to support as many people as possible who are taking the plunge and we hope this will enable the IoD 99 to do just that.

The other entry criteria points will remain the same, as point of reference these are:

• The applicant must be the Founder of Co-Founder of the business they are

joining under. *

• The applicant can not have been a member of the IoD or IoD 99 within the

last 2 years

• The applicants business must be under 5 years old

• The applicants business must be turning over £3m or less **

* We understand that some Founders would really benefit from the network but

their business has not yet launched, as such we welcome applicants from those

in the pre startup phase.

** We understand that some Founders might be in the pre-startup phase or the

early startup phase and might well not be creating any turnover. As such we

would welcome applicants who are keen to join the network but their business

hasn’t launched yet or isn’t creating a turnover yet.

To find out more about the 99-ers at or contact / tel 07814 386 129.

Here's what one 99-er had to say:

StartEDIN promotes Edinburgh as a great place for tech & connects Edinburgh tech companies with international talent & opportunities.

I joined the IoD to develop relationships and grow my business. I also commute a lot with work so having access to the IoD lounges and work spaces across the UK has been invaluable for me and my business.

The best business decision I made this year was joining the IoD99. The benefits of joining this network have far exceeded the membership investment of £99.

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