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Colour affects how we feel, how we look and how others see us. Using colour to help customers feel confident and optimise their appearance for different occasions is at the very core of Colour Elements, a company founded by Karen Finlayson in 2014. However, Karen believes that clothes should not be enjoyed at the expense of the environment or the people who produce clothing. Her vision has two main components:

1 To see individuals empowered through their knowledge of colours, shapes and styles of clothes that complement their physical features, personal values and lifestyle.

2 To end waste and pollution, caused by the production and transportation of clothes which quickly end up in landfill, through the adoption of sustainable shopping practices.

Having studied Social Anthropology at Edinburgh University Karen has always been interested in the daily rituals used to create identity. She saw the transformative power of colour in appearance when she studied image consultancy in New York in 2006 and has continued to see the “magic” of colour in the lives of thousands of customers since. However, Karen became frustrated with the poor quality of paper and fabric products available for customers to use once they had paid for a colour analysis service. She created the Colour Elements colour classification system in 2012 and worked with a friend who was a graphic designer to produce a full range of paper products. A digital version was launched in the App store for use on iPhone and iPad two years later. Further developments in 2017 now allow customers to send selfies and pay for the Colour iD service through the app.

“The app has allowed us to start working with international customers but we continue to develop premium face-to-face consultations for leaders. My training in NLP has helped me to create a process that uses clothes to help customers recognise their potential and to dress to achieve what’s important to them. They want to reduce the time and money wasted on wardrobe management so that they can get on with the things that they love to do.

By offering our services in-person and online I’m able to reach a diverse group of customers. No two days are ever the same but the aim is always the same – show the potential within by dressing with impeccable style!”








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