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At Women’s Enterprise Scotland, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering consultancy and training, much of which is developed on a bespoke basis with individual organisations and companies.


As well as providing contextual women’s enterprise content, our multi-disciplinary team can deliver specific activities that enable you and your teams to build awareness into your work plan and practises.


Women’s Enterprise Scotland collaborate with and support Royal Bank of Scotland teams to develop the Women In Business Accreditation Programme and ongoing CPD for Women In Business Ambassadors.  We have developed and delivered training events, which have incorporated contextual content, skills workshops, panel discussions with Women’s Enterprise Scotland Ambassadors and provision of training materials.

This work has helped Women’s Enterprise Scotland to provide a broader Scottish gender diversity/women’s market insight for Royal Bank of Scotland teams, as well as the development of specific skillsets, for example, relevant social media skills.


We are also providing blended training programmes for business advisors to help them better understand the needs of Scottish women starting or growing a business.  If you are part of this programme, log in here.


If you’d like a confidential conversation with us about what we may be able to offer you or your organisation, please get in touch via our contact page.

Leadership Training

Women’s Enterprise Scotland offers a range of training courses aimed at supporting women to build their leadership potential and their networks.


Topics include Boardroom Governance, Giving Evidence to Parliamentary Committees and Media Engagement. We maintain databases of course attendees and work with Parliament, the media and boardroom recruiters to build a pipeline of accessible, skilled women.

To find out more about this training, please contact us.

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