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Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) is a research-led, not-for-profit Community Interest Company which champions women-led and women-owned businesses.

WES advocates for better evidence-based policy making and believes that delivering expert, needs-based business support will enable women to fulfil their aspirations, and unlock an £8.8bn economic potential to boost the economy. WES works in collaboration with local, national and international partners towards the vision of a gender equal, diverse and inclusive business ecosystem which will allow innovation and productivity to thrive. 

WES was established in 2011 to create a voice for women-owned businesses in Scotland and to promote policy and best practice which enables women to successfully start up and grow their own businesses. 

The simple fact is that more women-owned businesses in Scotland means more money for the economy. Our research shows that women-owned businesses:

  • already contribute a staggering £8.8bn into the economy every year

  • have created over 230,000 jobs in local communities across Scotland. 


Yet women-owned businesses are just 20% of the business base in Scotland.

Source: Economic Case for Women's Enterprise in the UK

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Our Ambition

We believe we can encourage more women and girls to try out their business ideas, through the provision of needs-based support co-designed by women-owned businesses and experts in gender techniques. We have an ambition to double the numbers of women-owned businesses, boost the economy by at least another £8.8bn, create a further 230,000 jobs and ultimately consign the current gender gap in enterprise to history. 


  • Along with our role model Ambassadors, we inspire and support women to start - and then to grow - their own businesses.

  • We provide training to create and activate business ideas, to develop leadership skills and to power business growth and scale-up.

  • Through our digital Women’s Business Centre we are building a networked community of women-owned businesses from those who are curious about starting a business, or shaping up an idea right through to established and scaling businesses.


Women who support each other and work with the wider business ecosystem to create the diverse, collaborative environment where innovation thrives.

Women's Business Centre

There is no cost to join the digital Women’s Business Centre and you can register here to access all the support and top tips designed to help more women startup and grow their own businesses. 



Research and Policy

In parliament we advocate alongside women-owned businesses for gender specific business support and share our research findings with government. And we champion women’s enterprise in the media, in Scottish society, and through our international appointments and networks. We encourage women business owners to join with us in these activities, share their business experiences and advocate for positive change to better support their own businesses and the next generation of women and girls coming through. 

Our Team

Photo of Carolyn Currie

Carolyn Currie
Chief Executive

PW_WES_Bronwen Thomas 10lowres_edited.jpg

Bronwen Thomas
Chief Operating Officer

PW_WES_Gaynor Simpson_10_edited.jpg

Gaynor Simpson

PR Manager


Jennifer Lindsay-Finan
Training Consultant

PW_WES_Sophie Rooney_12_edited.jpg

Sophie Rooney

Marketing and Policy Assistant


Our Board

Photo of Lynne Cadenhead

Lynne Cadenhead

Photo of Bonnie Clarke

Bonnie Clarke

Board Member

Photo of Kevin Rooney

Kevin Rooney

Board Member

liz d image.jpg

Liz Ditchburn

Board Member


Yvette Hopkins

Board Member

Photo of Clare English

Clare English

Board Member

Anne Meikle_edited.jpg

Anne Meikle

Board Member

WES Conflict of Interest Policy for board members.

If you require further information, please contact



WES is a non-membership organisation; we’re a virtual business, a community interest company, and our people are positioned all over Scotland.  Therefore, in the first instance, making contact by using this form is the best option.


Our admin team, will then direct your enquiry to the relevant team member.

You can also connect with individual team members via LinkedIn by visiting the WES Team section of this page.


We hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks! Message sent.

Our Address

Registered Address:


2 Atlantic Square

31 York Street


G2 8AS 

Press Enquiries

Please contact our PR Manager, Gaynor Simpson

Tel: 07790 104 073


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