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A Manifesto for Accelerating Action on Economic Growth

Our 2024 manifesto is focusing on the critical importance of unlocking the opportunity that women’s enterprise represents and adding billions of pounds to the economy.

As we seek to strengthen our economy, it is imperative that we remove the constraints on women’s enterprise, grasp this vital and timely opportunity for growth and boost economic contribution in communities across the length and breadth of Scotland and the UK.

We at Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) are calling for action on
five priority areas to accelerate growth:

1. Dedicated Business Support for Women

2. Robust Access to Funding for Women

3. Access to Care

4. Financial Inclusion

5. Mandatory Assessments, Data, & Monitoring

Increasing the percentage of women-led businesses by just 10% would add billions of pounds to the economy each year.

We call on all candidates and parties to prioritise the actions set out in our five key areas and accelerate action on economic growth.

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Letter to candidates

We have prepared a letter for you to send to your constituency candidates.

Please use this template and amend it with your own experience or views.

You can find you candidates for the UK election using the tool below.  

Find your candidates and contact information for the UK election 
Join our campaign on social media

Please support our manifesto calls for action by sharing and adding your thoughts to reach more women, and help to spread the word on the opportunity that women's enterprise represents to add billions of pounds to the economy. 

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Manifesto 2024
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