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Key Statistics:

80,000 women are registered business owners in Scotland

94,000 women are self-employed

21% of SMEs are led by women

82% of women want to grow their businesses, and 29% want to grow rapidly

Women-owned businesses contribute £8.8 billion Gross Value Add into the Scottish economy every year

That's more than many of the growth sectors including Food & Drink (£5.3bn); Creative Industries (£4.4bn); Sustainable Tourism (£3.9bn) and Life Sciences (£1.5bn).

Below, you'll find research that we've conducted, along with research from others which we think you'll find interesting.  

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  • New research published by FSB and launched at Facebook Community Boost, reveals the contribution women-owned businesses make to the Scottish economy has increased by a staggering 76%, from £5bn GVA in 2012 to £8.8bn (2015 data)

  • Women-owned businesses are now responsible for creating 231k Scottish jobs, up from 153k in 2012. 

Women are increasingly becoming the job creators and growth drivers both in Scotland t...

‘Is Scotland Fairer? 2018’ is the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Scottish standalone supplement to the statutory report on equality and human rights progress at UK level.  The report provides an evidence-based assessment of where Scotland has made progress, where things have not changed or have got worse, and any emerging concerns. It also looks at legislative and policy developments, identifies recommendations for act...

The specific aim of this research project is to investigate the

role of women in farming and the agriculture sector in Scotland under five headings: daily life, aspirations, career paths, leadership and comparative analysis with women in other family businesses. During the research, the importance of inheritance, training and farm safety all emerged as important issues. Key issues highlighted in this research include - Women pl...

The RSA and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) have produced this report looking at successful examples of self-organising among the self-employed.

The report highlights various initiatives including cash-pooling schemes; micro finance initiatives; sick pay funds and time share agreements, and how these ‘bottom-up’ initiatives are being looked at by many as a means to improve the lives of the self-employed.  One example b...

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