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WES research and survey results pinpoint where existing support is meeting the needs of women and highlights the areas where more or different solutions are required to tackle issues and realise business growth. Our research helps to identify what strategies and practices are needed to effect positive change for women in enterprise and unlock a multi-billion-pound contribution to Scotland’s economy every year.

WES Survey of Women in Enterprise 2023

This report is based on insights gathered from a survey involving 238 respondents between January and April 2023. The survey explored gender-based inequalities, structural barriers, and the exceptional repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent cost-of-business crisis. At the same time, the impact of other key socio-economic factors including net-zero, digital and technology, and pension provision were also investigated.


In this report we offer a range of key recommendations to improve women’s experiences of entrepreneurship in Scotland and to create the diverse and thriving business ecosystems which will benefit us all.

We identify where existing business support can been developed through understanding the needs of women and where there is value in providing the choice of dedicated support for women which sits alongside and complements that which is already available. 

Full survey report including executive summary

WES survey of Women in Business 2019

Full survey report

Executive summary

Summary graphic

WES survey of Women in Enterprise in Scotland 2017 - full survey report

Below, you'll find research that we've conducted, along with research from others which we think you'll find interesting.  

Supporting Women's Enterprise in the UK - the Economic Case

Developing and supporting women’s enterprise is proven to be critically important for overall business and economic prosperity. This report documents the increasing importance of women owned businesses to the UK economy and particularly the economies of the devolved nations, both in terms of increased contribution to Gross Value Add (GVA) and especially to employment.

Women in Enterprise: the Untapped Potential

This report explores the importance of women’s entrepreneurship to the UK economy and the challenges women business owners face when starting up and growing their business, including the availability of business support, access to finance and childcare.

Starting Over: Migrant Entrepreneurship in Scotland

This report finds that entrepreneurs who have moved to Scotland from elsewhere in the UK, Europe or the rest of the world have a positive and tangible impact on economies and communities across the country. The economic contribution they make to the Scottish economy is vast.

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