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Women's enterprise in Scotland and COVID-19: Policy Briefing 1

As with all public health crises, the economic and health impacts of Covid-19 will be gendered.


Women are more likely to take on the ‘second shift’ of care at home, particularly if someone in their family is sick or has to be isolated (either young or elderly) and are more likely to be affected by school and nursery closures. For example, it is women who are most likely to be home-schooling children and checking on people within intergenerational family and friend networks.

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Women's enterprise in Scotland and COVID 19: Policy Briefing 2

The Resolution Foundation estimates  that over one-third of Britain’s five million self-employed people may have to stop working either because they work in sectors most heavily affected by social distancing, or in order to care for children who would have otherwise been at school.

Social isolation policies will also increase women and girls’ vulnerability to domestic abuse. 22% of services across the UK report an increase in caseloads since the beginning of the pandemic.


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