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Our years of research provide an extensive knowledge base to draw from in shaping and developing our services. We provide a range of expert services to support women-owned businesses from early stage idea creation and development right through to leadership and scale-up. We also work to help business advisors best engage and support women's enterprise. Our work helps to strengthen the support available to women-owned businesses and to ensure more women achieve their business aspirations. See below for more information, then get in touch to discuss how we can help.


At Women’s Enterprise Scotland, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering consultancy and training, much of which is developed on a bespoke basis with individual organisations and companies. We deliver training direct to women-owned businesses to assist their start up activities, their leadership development and catalyse their business growth. In addition to training mentors for women-owned businesses and training mentees too. We have also delivered training for a range of organisations including banks, economic development agencies and business organisations. Helping these organisations develop their staff capability to better support and engage with women-owned businesses in enabling their business growth. Read more here

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Research and Policy 

We have undertaken a variety of research for Governments and business organisations. Policy development and research is at the heart of all that we do, providing an extensive knowledge bank to direct and shape all our work. Including work to identify and address barriers to women's business start up and growth. This work is critically important to inform our activities to boost women's enterprise and create a diverse, innovative and vibrant Scottish business ecosystem. Read more here

Boardroom Support 

A Board can provide early stage scale-up businesses with a strong start and improve growth prospects. In partnership with Women on Boards we provide training to university spin out companies, university commercialisation officers and women interested in taking up board positions. 

Our Boardroom Support Course for universities is a digitally delivered programme run over five hours, complemented with one-on-one follow on support and a matching service. The course covers the benefits of diversity and inclusion on the board, the what and why of being a board member, what a NED really does, being a NED to spinout companies and how to build an effective and diverse board. 

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Gender Proofing  

When offering a service, organising an event or seeking to engage productively with clients, ensure that your investment in activities and materials works well to engage women and provides the best return on investment. Aligning to your brand values, inspiring staff and leading the way forward in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in a way that does not unintentionally miss the mark and cause brand damage.  


Media Resources 

Women’s Enterprise Scotland is the ‘go to’ organisation for comment and opinion in respect of relevant women’s enterprise issues in Scotland as they arise, as well as driving media coverage on specific newsworthy content and/or activities where relevant. Our staff and our role model Ambassadors are regularly featured in broadcast and print media and led the way in growing awareness of the huge economic potential represented by women-owned businesses in Scotland. Visit our Media Resources page for more information. 

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