National Women's Business Centre  

WES has a bold and ambitious vision, to establish a national Women's Business Centre with regional hubs across the country.

It will be a  place dedicated to the delivery of expert, needs-based support for women creating and growing their own



Establishing a national Women’s Business Centre in Scotland will provide the expertise to unlock the economic opportunity

represented by women-led businesses and aid the creation of a gender-balanced business ecosystem, further boosting

innovation and productivity. 

The first stage of delivering this vision has been the recent launch of the digital Women's Business Centre. Designed to

support women at the pre start-up and start up stage of their business journey, this new platform is free to access and offers

dedicated, needs-based content for women setting up their own enterprise.  Supported by Royal Bank of Scotland Back Her Business and informed by years of research, the new Women's Business Centre provides support on key topics such as

accessing finance, juggling work-life balance, support networks, mentoring and having business start-up ideas taken seriously. 

There is business guidance alongside practical tips from women who have already started up businesses from all over Scotland,

ranging from city centres to rural locations and remote island communities.



















The digital Women's Business Centre reflects the fact that whilst there has been progress in policy terms, in practice Scotland

and the UK still lag behind other nations in terms of business creation.  The proportional population percentage of new female entrepreneurs and women setting up a new business is 13.5% in Canada and 9.2% in the US, but notably lower at 4.7% in the UK. Scotland is not realising the £8.8bn economic opportunity represented by women-owned businesses and the status quo is

effectively acting as a drag on economic output and productivity. With women-owned businesses less than 16% of the business

base, the country has a significant enterprise gender gap which needs closing. 


WES hopes that the digital Women's Business Centre will be the first step in unlocking the investment and collaboration

required to realise the broader vision of a National Women's Business Centre, which would be a vital

component in –  

  • Helping women across Scotland to unlock their full business capability, access innovative technologies and build the

  • businesses of the future.  

  • Bridge the gaps in mainstream gender-specific business support provision 


  • Facilitate the “Can Do” strategy of sustainable economic growth with opportunities for everyone.  The National Women’s

       Business Centre would provide a flagship of expertise from which to co-ordinate research, identify best practice, deliver

       business support, analyse data and build relationships across the business ecosystem at home and internationally.    




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