Ambassadors & Role Models

In research undertaken by Women’s Enterprise  Scotland in early 2017, role models were seen by business advisors as valuable in supporting women led businesses to overcome challenges. Stereotypical images and media representations of women entrepreneurs can be damaging in several ways, as they not only have a negative impact on women who may be considering starting their own business but also on potential funders and business collaborators who may be influenced by such representations. Evidence suggests the importance of role models for the development (and aspirations) of women’s businesses is significant. In this research, the businesses participating also pointed to the value and importance of role models.

As a key part of supporting women in enterprise, partners in the Framework are committed to -

  • Actively supporting Women’s Enterprise Scotland in the development and promotion of the Scotland CAN DO Women’s Ambassadors programme.

  • Identifying, supporting and promoting more ‘Womenablers’ and encourage and support more women into leadership roles. This work will support businesses taking up the Scottish Business Pledge which requires businesses to make progress on gender balance and diversity in the workforce and the boardroom.


Our Women’s Enterprise Scotland Ambassadors programme features the stories of female entrepreneurs in Scotland.  Through the project, we’ll seek to inspire, motivate, engage and connect with women-led start-up and growth businesses.


Our Ambassadors are available for media interviews, speaking engagements, and events in schools and universities. If you’d like one or more of the Ambassadors to get involved in your event or article, please contact us using the form on our contact page.



Jennifer Robertson
Rebecca Pick
Lindsay Ritchie
Becky Woodhouse
Wendy Pring
Emma Little
Jo Halliday
Linda Hill Miller
Allison Harrison
Mel Macintyre
Kristen Hunter
Angela Prentner-Smith
Emma Reid
Julie Grieve
Nathalie Agnew
Jennifer Mackenzie
Amanda Pickford
Bonnie Lawson-Bronw
Karen Somerville
Carol Cooke
Ann Johnson
Vicky Brock
Wendy Edie
Sara Roberts
Sandra Patterson
Poonam Gupta
Pheona Matovu
Justine Mitchell
Lisa Thomson
Kirsten Lord
Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne
Mandy Bailey
Marianne Meehan
Jo Macsween
Jo Chidley
Jane Stewart
Hermine Kinkela
Gillian Crawford
Gail Bryden
Alexandra Feechan
Corien Staels
Christina Mackay
Caroline Penman
Leah Hutcheon
Rosemary Eribe
Sylvia Douglas
Michelle Smith
Suzanne Doyle-Morris
Fiona Turnbull
Felicitas Betzl
Anja Baak
Jeanette Forbes
Bharti Rajput
Shelagh Swanson
Margaret Anne Craig
Lynn Mann
Kirsteen Stewart
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Role Models

For even more inspiration, visit our gallery of women-owned businesses.  

To be included in the gallery, please send us a photo along with a brief description of your business, including how you got started.  


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