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Gender Proofing

When offering a service, organising an event or seeking engagement, review your activities and materials to ensure they are working well to engage women.


Consider the following simple steps as a start point; Women’s Enterprise Scotland can help you or your organisation with much more.

  • ensure there are female and male speakers and panelists at any events you are planning. Aim for a balance

  • make practical arrangements that are not barriers to women attending events e.g. time of day, venue and facilities

  • develop literature and materials that use appropriate language, tone and images

  • attract presenters and contributors that are well matched with the types and sizes of women-owned businesses who may be interested in attending your events


As part of our consultancy offering, Women’s Enterprise Scotland can work with you to review existing activities and materials, and identify and gaps or shortcomings.  If you’d like to discuss this with us, please get in touch via our contact page.

Find out more about gender proofing your digital content by visiting our dedicated website:  Digital Gender Balance.

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