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Women's Enterprise Scotland

Strengthening the Scottish economy through women's enterprise

Our Manifesto 2024 is now published

WES has an ambition for women-owned businesses in Scotland

Women-owned businesses are 20% of the business base and already these businesses contribute a staggering £8.8bn into the economy every year.


That's more than many of the growth sectors including Food and Drink (£5.6bn); Creative Industries (£4.6bn); Sustainable Tourism (£4.1bn) and Life Sciences (£1.5bn)*.

Creating an environment where more women and girls can start up and thrive in business

We believe that with support, co-designed by women-owned businesses and experts in needs-based gender techniques, we can significantly boost the existing economic contribution. 


*Source: Economic Case for Women's Enterprise in the UK

This site is focused on research and policy related to women’s enterprise. For support and information for women running businesses visit the digital Women’s Business Centre.


Our Vision

Our vision is for Scotland to be world leading in its approach to supporting women business owners, enabling equal access to resources and opportunities as they develop successful and sustainable businesses.


Our Mission

Our mission is to champion women-owned and women-led businesses, unlocking economic potential and enabling innovation and productivity to thrive.


Our Team

Our team have extensive expertise in supporting women-owned businesses to thrive. As business owners, mentors and investors, we have helped businesses to develop and commercialise their ideas, leverage resources and grow. Working with other partner organisations, we are on our way

to boosting Scotland's economy.



Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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