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Keeping Your Team Together in Tough Times

The coronavirus pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on everyone and the scale of the outbreak coupled with the uncertainty faced has brought unprecedented challenges. Leading a team in a fast moving and sensitive period like this is unchartered territory for many. It is a time when employee engagement is critical and a team most needs a strong leader to help them weather the storm. Keeping morale high, avoiding loss of focus and productivity, and helping teams stay connected requires a whole new approach. Practice compassion When employees are simultaneously managing other challenges and responsibilities at home, compassion is key. Accept that productivity is going to change and focus

First Survive, Then Thrive

Unprecedented. It’s a word we are all hearing a lot of just now. And with good reason. Never before have any of us in this interconnected world of ours collectively suffered such a crisis – two crises in fact, health and economic - at the same time. Capitalism, as we know it right now, has ended for the foreseeable future. Which may in the long run not be such a bad thing. Perhaps in future we will all take a much more holistic approach to business, thinking more about our people, planet, profit and purpose, rather than a relentless and unsustainable drive towards improving productivity and profitability…but that’s a discussion for another day. I do not know what your personal circumstances


Policy chiefs at Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) have voiced concerns that the current Coronavirus outbreak could have a disproportionately negative economic impact on women both at home and at work. WES, the community interest company which focuses on the contribution women's enterprise makes to the Scottish economy, is calling for the Scottish Government and the Expert Covid-19 Advisory Group to ensure a gender perspective is applied to all support measures being put in place, including business support. Whilst all SMEs are facing disruption on a scale never seen before, WES points out that women are more likely to work and be business owners in the sectors most affected by the Coronavir

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