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Women Entrepreneurs in Scotland 2019

In order to create an environment where more women and girls can realise their business aspirations, it is important to address some of the specific issues faced by women-owned businesses such as under-capitalisation, gender blind policy making, and discrimination as a result of stereotypical attitudes towards women in business. This is why the work of the Women in Enterprise Cross Party Group (CPG) at Holyrood is important, as it enables women in business and those organisations supporting business to come together, discuss these issues and widen the conversation as to how best address the gender gap in enterprise participation, and growth.

Access to Finance Think Tank

This International Think Tank on Access to Finance was convened in London in November 2017 to mark Global Entrepreneurship Week. International, UK and Scottish experts on women and enterprise were present, including women-owned businesses, and the aim of the Think Tank session was to: 􀁸 Hear the views of the expert participants, including women-owned businesses, relative to their experiences and area of expertise 􀁸 Consider access to finance in the context of current sources of business investment for growth and emerging funding and investment models 􀁸 Consider how developments in the policy and legislative context facilitate best practice 􀁸 Discuss what may be beneficial courses

Finding Balance in the Chaos

The world we live in is changing - rapidly. And many of us are being thrust into spinning even more plates than usual (and there were plenty to begin with!). We are being challenged to find a balance between caring for our families - some of whom are remote and struggling themselves, homeschooling our kids, running our businesses, finding more time to do simple tasks like shopping (which has now become running the gauntlet for some) and if we are lucky we might get to wash today. Grim but true! You might be wondering - How on earth can you increase your productivity during such challenging times?... What I know for sure due to my own personal experiences and that of hundreds of my clients is

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