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Rise of remote working creating new opportunities for women

A recent report from the World Economic Forum named flexible working as one of their drivers for global business transformation. The trend for flexible work, including working from home, has indeed proven to be a trend on the rise, with research from the TUC similarly suggesting that remote working has increased by a fifth in the last decade.

The effects of this trend have a tremendous impact on the individual employee, with home-based staff members reporting higher job satisfaction and lowered stress levels. It’s easy to see why this is the case, as ditching the commute means much more free time for employees. Whether they’re parents, carers or pursuing other activities such as continued education, working away from the office encourages a better work-life balance and ultimately leads to a more productive workforce.

Women in the workplace especially can benefit from remote working, as it can make the return to work after maternity leave a smoother process. Similarly, as statistics show that the majority of care-giving for children or sick family members falls on women, remote working can help balance personal responsibilities and career development.

Read more about how remote work is changing the way UK companies do business in the guide below by Sage and read the full report on their website.




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