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Survey to gather crucial input from women business owners

In January launched our biannual survey of women-owned and women-led business in Scotland.

The survey allows us to gather data which can be used to drive policy change and improve services for women-led and women-owned businesses. It is part of the commitment by Women's Enterprise Scotland to ensure that women’s voices and experiences of business support in Scotland are heard and used to improve the business environment for women currently running businesses and the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

The WES survey offers a unique platform for Scottish women to make their voices heard. By gathering this data we can find out what’s working well in the enterprise ecosystem and what we need to have more of.

We ask all women who own or lead a business in Scotland to complete the survey so collectively we can identify and drive the changes that are needed to close the gender gap in enterprise participation. This is crucial in the wake of Covid-19 and the cost-living-crisis, both of which have had a disproportional negative impact on women's businesses.

All responses are anonymous and respondents can request to receive a copy of the report when published.

Complete the survey:





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