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Gender and Economic Recovery

WES joined a number of national women's and parenting organisations to endorse a report produced by Engender and Close the Gap calling for a radical rethink of how Scotland’s economy can recover from the downturn caused by Covid-19. The nine principles for economic recovery call for a shift in the way that Scotland’s pursues inclusive growth. Ranging from investment in social care as infrastructure to the use of gendered economic indicators in place of GDP, the paper argues that unless it works for everyone, the economy does not work.

They also highlight that many of the frontline jobs which are now seen as vital, and which also bear the greatest infection risk, are dominated by Black and minority ethnic women. Disabled women are also shown to be particularly at risk from an ungendered economic recovery, bearing the brunt of a decade of austerity and social care cuts. The organisations are calling for participatory economic decision-making which benefits all women.




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