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Black Lives Matter: what should businesses do now?

I was originally intending to write a blog about the non-publication of the government’s latest Gender Pay Gap report. I suspect that, despite some considerable efforts for improvement, the powers-that-be judged a report should not be published at a time when women are being so adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most are likely to work for or run businesses in those sectors most hit, including health, social care, catering, hospitality, beauty, and retail. Furthermore, women’s ‘second shift’ at home has, for many, significantly increased, with caring for and educating children who would otherwise be at school or nursery and looking after family members who are sick or self-isolatin

Why Childcare is the Key to Unlocking Women's Economic Potential

As the mum of an eligible three-year-old (plus two others under four!) I was really disappointed with the news that the Scottish Government was postponing the planned legal requirement for all Scottish local authorities to increase free childcare provision to 1040 hours from this August. Not only had I financially planned for the extra childcare for my oldest (I’m estimating the additional cost to top up privately will be nearly £300 a month!) but as a Women’s Enterprise Scotland Ambassador, I was also concerned about the wider impact across the country on female led businesses in particular and I hope that it's one of the many challenges facing women business owners that the new digital Wom

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