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Christy Hyslop, Lose It And Love It

Lose It and Love It was founded by Christy Hyslop at the start of 2016, her business offers weight loss and sports nutrition packages fully tailored to her client’s needs.

Christy’s mission when she launched lose it and love it was to help her clients lose weight and also feel fabulous by nourishing their bodies with wholesome foods. All her clients receive personalised plans along with coaching and support during their weight loss journey. Christy helps all her clients, develop healthy habits and above all go on to lead healthy, happy lifestyles.

Christy is a fully qualified Weight Loss Practitioner and Sports and Exercise Nutrition Advisor. Her innovative approach to weight loss and nutrition ensures her clients make lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle. Christy coaches and supports her clients 100% of the way and keeps them focused on their end goal.

Christy offers two main packages, The Platinum Weight Loss Package, perfect for those who have battled weight loss issues or wish to improve their overall nutrition. The Sports and exercise nutrition package is tailor made for clients who undertake in any sporting activities both professionally or for pleasure.

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