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Women must have a voice in Scotland's economic strategy

Have your say in how the economy can be transformed for the greater good, the climate, and prosperity for all.

The Scottish Government has established a new Advisory Council for Economic Transformation which has the significant task of determining the economic strategy for the next 10 years. A strategy that will take us through the recovery from Covid-19 and transition to net zero. The Council is made up of business leaders, academics, and economists, including Lynne Cadenhead, the Chair of Women’s Enterprise Scotland.

To help develop the strategy the Council are asking to hear from a broad range of businesses and individuals with their views, opinions and suggestions.

This is an opportunity for women's voices to be heard as they speak up for their businesses, industry sectors and the wider community.

Why it’s especially important for women respond to this call for input:

  • In our manifesto we highlight the numbers of women-owned businesses are decreasing from 20.6% to just 14% over 2 year period. Women continue to be the minority of business owners.

  • The disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on women. As small businesses with limited resources, women-owned businesses are especially vulnerable to the disruption caused by the pandemic. For example, many women owned businesses are home based (without premises) and have no access to grant support with business losses. See - Covid19 Policy Brief 2, 2020.

  • Of the women business owners surveyed in December 2020, three-quarters found managing their businesses stressful during the pandemic, compared to just over half their male peers. Fifty-five per cent of women business owners would not recommend starting a business in their sector in 2021.(Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship Update, 2021)

  • Lack of access to funding and investment: All-female founder teams received just 1.3% of the £236m Futures Fund for scale-up businesses during Covid19. Male founder teams received 19% with the rest disbursed to “mixed gender” teams. (Diversity Report, British Business Bank 2020)

We want to ensure that the voices of women are heard and that everyone has the opportunity to have a say in the future of the economy.

There isn't much time

There's no form or survey to complete. All you need to do is write to the email address below.

Please send your response to by 3 September 2021.





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